Froglets Class Charter!

This is our Froglets Class Charter. We have all added our handprints to ‘agree’ to the statements and we will be looking at this over the next few weeks together in class. We have the right… to be happy, to be safe, to be healthy and to learn. We have the responsibility… to listen, to respect others, to make the right choice and to be kind. These statements all link in to the UNICEF articles we focus on fro our Rights Respecting Schools initiative.

Be happy!

Article 31 ‘Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.’

In Year One we had a day thinking all about happiness. The children came to School wearing yellow clothing to help raise money for Young Minds charity. We talked about happiness and how we all have the right to feel happy and safe.

We had a range of activities to help us spread some joy and happiness. We made happy hats, made each other cards to make each other feel special, drew pictures of the things that made us happy and even danced along to happy songs!

Article 29- hello yellow day

This week classes in school have been watching videos and doing activities from Buckfastleigh Abbey. In year four we talked about what makes us happy and had some quiet time with some happy music.

In year five we watched some videos about calm places and talked about where we can go to help calm down. Hopefully you did some exciting or calming activities too!

Today everyone is dressed in yellow for Hello Yellow day. This is to remind us that we can all find time each day to find happiness and do things that make us feel calm. The money you donate today will go to help young people and children who are finding this hard. Young minds is a group of lovely people who are helping young people and children find their happy place. They do lots of work to look after these children and teach them skills to make their minds healthy.

Year Five Class Charter

In Year 5 we have been exploring children’s rights. We looked at our rights and the children made decisions which values were their top three. After this, we discussed what we would do to achieve these articles in school. Finally, as a year group we will be choosing the most popular articles to become our year group charter. 


Yoga and mindfulness

Article 29

This afternoon Mr Basha taught Beech class some yoga games and mindfulness tricks. They were really relaxed and enjoyed learning the different moves. In such a busy world it’s really important that we all take the time to rest our minds and look after our mental wellbeing.