30th birthday of children’s rights

To celebrate the birthday of The Convention on The Rights of The Child, and to continue our work for our right of the month- article 1, the right to know and understand our rights- we held a child led afternoon. Our Rights Ambassadors chose a range of activities and every child was able to choose a classroom to spend the afternoon in. We learned about our rig to be creative, our right to rest and play, our right to grow spiritually and mentally and our right to be safe and looked after.

Below are some photos of us enjoying our activities.


Pupil voice

Article 12- when adults are making decisions that affect you, you have the right to say freely what you think should happen and to have your opinion taken into account.

Each ks2 classroom will now have a notebook where all children can record their ideas for school improvements. Each half term the ambassadors will check it and make a list of things to work on.

In Ks1 the teachers will be collecting ideas from the children throughout the half term and sending them on.



Article 2- no on should be discrimated against for any reason.

Our rights ambassadors attended the Remembrance Day parade on behalf of our school last Sunday. Will and Chanel read a reading from the bible and everyone set a great example. In assembly today the ambassadors shard the poem ‘In Flander’s field’ and they talked to the school about why it is important to think about owe who lost their lives. We thank them for their sacrifices and what they have done to allow us to live in  a safer world. 


Enterprise sale

In relation to article 6 (you have the right to live and grow well) we had an enterprise sale to raise awareness and money for those children around the world who don’t have the same access to rights as we do. We raised an amazing ¬£218.80 for world vision. Through world vision we sponsor two children in Africa. We are learning all about their lives and have helped them to get an education and build a life for themselves in their village.