Rights Ambassadors award

The Rights Ambassadors have launched a new award to be given out in praise assembly on Friday. The award recognises children who have thought about something thy have done and learned from it and found a way to make it into something special.

This week he first award went to Rhys for making a fabulous choices and finding lots of ways to be positive. 


Rights respecting school launch day

On Thursday 10th October, St Michael’s held its Rights Respecting launch day. We celebrated children’s rights, held an assembly run by the Rigs Ambassadors and did lots of activities in our classes to learn what rigs are. In the afternoon we made items to sell to raise money for World Vision in support of children around the world who can’t access their rights.  


Windows mirrors doors



The windows, mirrors, doors scheme is a tool for helping children to reflect on the good and bad moments in our days.

Close your eyes and imagine you are staring out of the window. Think to yourself what  good (wow) moment you have had this week or what bad (ow) moment you have had this week. Whatever it is, it’s fine to think about it. What made it good or bad?

Keep your eyes closed and think about what you could do to either make sure your wow moment happens again or what you can do to make your ow moment better. This is looking in the mirror. You are reflecting and learning from what has happened.

Open your eyes and try to find time over the following week to do what you decided to do in the mirror. This is walking through the door.

The worry box is there for you to write down any ow moments you may have. It is not going to be seen or shared by anyone but helps you to take your worries out of your head and reflect on making them better.

Every two weeks we are looking for children who have clearly reflected on something and learned from it. We will be giving a Windows, mirrors, doors award to that person when we notice it if they are happy to share.

In the mean time we look forward to hearing about how you have been reflecting in class.