Ethos meeting

On Friday 14th February, we met with the Ethos committee (Mrs Harding and Mrs Twiggs) to discuss our work so far and how we can help our Christian school grow. We discussed and agreed upon a new definition of spirituality and what it means to us. We were all agreed that it makes more sense and is easily understood by all. We also talked about future fundraising ideas through soccer aid and church collections.



Article 29

We all have the right to an education which celebrates our talents. In praise assembly we have been celebrating this by running an entertainment section each week. Last week year five girls Alesha and Erin stood in front of the whole school and sang a song they had learned in choir with Miss Bray. 

They said : we believe the right to have our own talents is very helpful and inspiring to others and we really enjoy having he chance to experience this in school.

¬†Rights from year 6

Our year 6s summed up NSPCC number day perfectly. In their own words:

We were dressing up because of the rights respecting NSPCC day. Article 24 is for everyone to have clean food and water, also for the richer countries to help the poor. NSPCC means: National Society for the Provention of Cruelty to Children. We dressed up to show we have the right to be heard , to be loved, to relax and have fun. As these are so,e of our rights, our school has days to tell us about our rights and this was one of the days we got to celebrate them. Article 24 means you have the right to the best health care possible, safe Easter to drink, nutritious food to eat, a clean and safe environment and information to help you stay well.
Year two learned that the NSPCC are there to keep us safe. We have the right to be safe, eat food and drink water. If we are worried then we can call 0800 11 11.

Safer internet day 

Article 17- we have the right to find information and use the Internet in a safe way.

The internet is a brilliant resource for researching and communicating. We want to be able to use it. We made news reports this afternoon to teach our parents how to stay safe online with us. We also decorated digital footprints and discussed what we do online and how to stay safe doing it. 

Justice and article 24

In worship on Monday 3rd February , KS2 talked about justice. Children have a right to be safe. We talked about the right to have food, the right to have water, the right to have a safe home and clothing to keep us warm. These are our basic rights. These things make our world fair. If only the rich people had these rights then there would be a lot of poverty in our world and this is not fair. 

Poppy and Rohan (yr 5 rights ambassadors).