Article 31

This week we have been celebrating our right to be creative by doing lots of extra curricular activities and arty projects. Lego design and obstacle courses have been a highlight!


Article 31- Our Right of the Month

Kicking off our right of the month across the school, lots of creative activities have been going on. We celebrated world book day on Thursday with lots of book related activities, crafts and reading buddies. Year five used art in RE to learn about Christianity. Year Four made masks inspired by their favourite books. This morning, year one have been practising their maths skills through matching activities and year two have been building models of Buckingham palace and presenting their work to their classes. 
Archie says: ‘I would rather learn by doing creative things because art is my favourite subject and it is fun. We learn more and make our work better.’
Maddison says: ‘I like to be able to write and practise things in my books too.’
As teachers we are always looking to balance both in our classes