Article 38- right of the month

This month’s right of the month is article 38- the right to be protected from war and to live with the freedoms of peace time. We have been learning about VE day in school last week and will continue to learn about the world wars and what our lives are like because of it. Feel free to send any of your drawings, writing or comments about this article to your Google classroom or email

VE day

We have been celebrating VE day this week by making bunting and cooking pancakes. We are learning what food was like during war time and what is was like to cook when there weren’t many ingredients available. We all have fhe right to a safe and happy environment, to be able to go to school and have an education and to be able to have access to food and water. We are realising how lucky we are to have these things without the fear of war. Thank you to those who fought for our rights.