Article 27

We all have the right to food and basic health necessities but unfortunately this doesn’t happen for everyone. We are supporting our local community by asking for donations of food and toiletries for HITS food bank in Kingsteignton. More details below.

Cosmic yoga!

In Year One we love Cosmic Yoga! Today we followed the Popcorn and the Pirates session and we loved it. Popcorn the dolphin had a great message for us today – think positive, stay calm and keep breathing. We love starting our day in this way and it helps support our mental health and happiness.

Article 27 – the right to live in conditions which develop you mentally and spiritually.

Article 17

Year 4 and 5 became critics of their information sources this week. While researching the River Nile, they looked at different sources of information and discussed their reliability and trustability. They also discussed who it is aimed at and how this affects the way they view it.